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life is spinning. round and round like a wheel.
sometimes we are on top , sometimes at the bottom
but i dont feel like im on top even once . pathetic right ?
now is the time i remove and delete you gently ,
you know why ? looks like i've been betrayed cheated and stabbed
my heart break like a made of glass yg tak dapat dipulihkan tu ,
please tell me that you never knew me before ,
please tell me that you are pretending to be happy like a whore ,
but life must go on . actually , i dont believe to karma , qada' dan qadar kan ada.. 
everyday im waiting for the next day just wanna see the new path .

thank you very much for the person who gave me a strenght
*nurul wahida binti hisham

3 ulasan:

Ct Mawa said...

be strong..percayalah..ad hikmah utk awk kelak :)

zharif fikri said...

terima kasih cik mawa :')

Fieco said...

i know exactly how u feel..
dont wory, let time will heal the wound..
until then, be strong ;)

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